Sunday, January 5, 2014

Becoming a Great Human Being. What will we Teach Our Children?

It's much more than teaching kids to "share your toys"...
It requires warming up to another person's personality 
and just spending time, 
...time getting to know 
who they are.

Just like adults, 
children need time with their peers. 
They need time without adults hovering around 
trying to make sure everyone is happy.
Sometimes the best friendships are 
quiet and calm and

Taking turns doesn't mean everyone has to be the princess.
Helping someone else is also fabulous and friendly.

Early childhood programs don't just nurture 
the ABCs and 123s. 
Good programs allow for the 
unfolding of the individual
and the lovely 
of more than one personality 
into a delicious environment 
of friendship 
and happiness.

One on one and in a group, 
children need to practice 
the skills they will master over their entire life.

Communication, contact, 
connection and compassion.

respect, trust and confidence.

So, in closing we adults must take a back seat in social settings.
We need to create environments where 
children can try and even, perhaps fail...
but situations where they can 
practice these opportunities. 

Create that environment. 
Be that parent. 
Become that teacher.
Provide that school.